Shifting Gears in Saturday #SeductiveStuds #PNR #MMromance

Saturday Seductive Studs

Here’s another foray into Saturday Seductive Studs. Hope you enjoy this little peek into Shifting Gears! This time they really are shifting gears.

Cover by Reese Dante

Cover by Reese Dante

Kenton had chosen a rolling route for them, no steep hills, so that Gray could get used to his new bike and enjoy the scenery. The trees were just turning into their fall glory and it was refreshing to take a fairly leisurely ride on a lovely, clear fall day. He inhaled the clean fresh air that held a sharp tang. They were only a few miles from the coast. If only Will would join him on a ride like this, Kenton mused. Since they’d met, he’d cut back his riding time considerably, in order to make time to spend with Will.

As they rode, they chatted as best they could, about random things, shouted breathlessly to each other. Gray seemed to get the hang of the gear shifting easily and his legs were stronger than they appeared so he had no trouble keeping up with Kenton. On one stretch of flat road they began to race each other, legs rotating ferociously as they shouted taunts at one another and fought for the lead.

Kenton was a better sprinter and took the lead, turning his head to see how far back Gray was. Just as Gray began to close the gap he suddenly let out a shout of pain and fell, sliding along the shoulder of the road. Kenton circled back as quickly as possible and jumped off his own bike, not even noticing that he let it crash to the pavement in his concern for Gray.

Gray lay on his side, massaging his left thigh and Kenton sat next to him, leaning over him slightly. His knee was scraped and slightly bloody but it was hard to tell how seriously he’d injured it.

“What happened?” Kenton asked.

“I’m not sure. I felt this sudden pain and fell… Or maybe it was the other way around. It all happened so fast.” Gray was out of breath, panting hard as he sat on the grassy side of the road. Kenton pulled both of their bikes off the road surface for safety and came back to attend to him.

“What hurts?” he asked as he leaned forward and began to examine Gray’s leg. He was still breathing hard and he felt Gray’s breath on his neck and cheek as he leaned over. He hadn’t even realized he was rubbing his hands along Gray’s thigh. Suddenly he was acutely aware he was breathing even harder and that Gray’s breathing hadn’t quite returned to normal yet. But Kenton wasn’t ready to let go of him either.

(now available from Silver)

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Shifting Gears in Saturday #SeductiveStuds #PNR #MMromance

Saturday Seductive Studs

Here’s my first foray into Saturday Seductive Studs. Hope you enjoy this little peek into Shifting Gears!

Cover by Reese Dante

Cover by Reese Dante

“Kenton, I need you to be a hundred percent certain you know what you’re getting into with this,” Will said for about the fiftieth time before he’d let Kenton into the clinic exam room to see the wolf again. “It’s going to take a lot of care and patience for the next four to six weeks, and I’m still not convinced the animal is completely safe.”

Gray fought the urge to growl as Will turned to look at him. The last thing he needed was for Kenton to leave him here. He was pretty sure that Will wasn’t going to provide the love and tenderness that Gray could see in Kenton’s eyes every time he glanced over. Will was just as likely to stick a needle in him and it would be lights out. Then he’d come up with some excuse to tell Kenton the wolf had died, then they’d bond, maybe Will would offer a condolence fuck, and he and Kenton would ride off into the sunset together.

Over my dead body! Yeah, Gray reminded himself, it would be over his dead body, so he better get his act together and perform the part of the helpless and loving pet.

(now available from Silver)

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Six Sentence Sunday from Shifting Gears #PNR #SixSunday

I haven’t done this yet… so here goes!

Shifting Gears by Petra Lynn (Silver Publishing)

Cover by Reese Dante

Cover by Reese Dante

What if he shifted now? Just the fear of that calmed his rising libido and squelched the beginnings of a hard-on, but he still enjoyed the pleasure of Kenton’s touch and glances. Gray liked knowing that Kenton watched him almost as much as he watched Will.

“So, Will, when can I take him home?” Kenton’s voice brought Gray back to reality, especially now it was “Will” instead of “Doctor.”

“I think he should stay here one more night.” Will looked down into Gray’s eyes and for a moment Gray thought the man could detect that Gray wasn’t an ordinary wolf.


I hope you liked it!

Sneak Peek Excerpt from “Shifting Gears” by Petra Lynn #gayromance #paranormal

Cover by Reese Dante

Cover by Reese Dante

Here’s a little taste of my upcoming release, gay shifter erotic romance SHIFTING GEARS, coming out Feb 2 from Silver Publishing. I hope you enjoy it! You can even pre-order if you like it and then download immediately on release day.

When Kenton Palmer discovers an injured animal, he finds himself attracted to the handsome vet who treats it. But his new pet wolf is really a shifter who’s fallen for Kenton, and knows the vet is up to no good.


KENTON WAITED NEARLY FIVE minutes before he heard someone on the other side of the door.

“Hayes? We didn’t have anything—” a disembodied voice began speaking with more than a hint of annoyance as the door slowly swung open.

“I’ve got an injured dog. Hit by a car. Can you help?” Kenton explained.

The door opened completely and a man of about thirty-five with blond hair and a neatly trimmed ginger beard looked Kenton up and down with piercing gray eyes. Kenton was now acutely aware of the cold rain that had dripped under his jacket and he shuddered involuntarily while small rivulets of water ran down his face. He knew he looked like a mess and his cheeks warmed with embarrassment as the man, dressed in well-tailored [LB1] and unwrinkled clothing, continued to stare with what came across as a confused, impatient glare. He’d obviously been expecting someone else.

Your dog?” he asked curtly.

“No, I found him out on the county road about five miles away. Some asshole side-swiped me and ran me off the road. I noticed the dog while I was trying to calm down.” Kenton wondered why he was explaining in such minute detail, especially as the vet looked just as sour and inconvenienced as he had when he’d opened the door.

“Okay, bring him inside.” The man motioned off towards his left. “The clinic’s in there.”

“I can clean up all the rainwater—” Kenton started to say. He could tell from the man’s neat appearance that he wasn’t the kind to tolerate much mess in his life, which seemed odd for a veterinarian. I’d love to see that man with his arm in a cow up to the elbow, Kenton mused. Probably only treats Yorkies and Chihuahuas and other lap dogs.

“No problem. The dog’s more important right now. Don’t worry about the mess.” That was the first trace of concern the vet had shown so far.

Kenton nodded and ran back outside to get the dog. By the time he had opened the back of the SUV and was scooping the animal up in his arms, the man had appeared behind him with a rolling table, a smaller version of a gurney, then helped bring the dog inside. Kenton trailed behind as the vet pushed the gurney into the clinic and the exam room.

It took a few moments for the overhead lights to turn on completely, and Kenton and the man stood on opposite sides of the exam table staring at each other and the dog in the flickering light.

“Hmmm. Two big problems I see right away.”

“What’s that?” Kenton’s voice expressed his concern and he wondered why he cared so much; it wasn’t even his dog. “Can you fix the leg? I’m willing to pay a deposit until we find the owner if that’s what the problem is.”

“Well, that’s part of it. He’s got no tag… no owner. And it’s not a dog. It’s a wolf.”

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