Which WIPs sound good? (#poll #mmromance)

Here are the three stories I’m currently working on. Please vote on which one(s) sound interesting to you

poll21. Untitled Sequel to Shifting Gears. This story continues Gray and Kenton’s story, introducing more backstory and worldbuilding of Gray’s shifter pack and origins. Kenton meets the pack and comes to terms with Gray’s abilities–and the associated limits it puts on their relationship. They also discover that Will’s partners have influence far beyond Northern California.

2. Untitled novella. Three couples–best friends and their partners–go away for a weekend and none of their relationships is the same afterward. More details later…

3. Sci-fi novella.  It’s something brand new for me, but I’m trying different things until I find the place that works best. This one is about a man who donates at a fertility clinic. He doesn’t expect to find himself on a space colony, but he soon forms an attraction to the guy who’s assigned to collect the samples. I’ll share more about this one soon.

WIP: something different for me! #scifi #mmromance

This has nothing to do with the post. Who cares?

This has nothing to do with the post. Who cares?

I’ve been working on a sci-fi novella for a while, and debating what to do with it. After getting such a cold response to the re-release of Shifting Gears, I debated whether I should even try to publish something else. But I’m going to forge on, finish this one and see what happens. I’m just holding the cards close to my chest until it’s done, and then I’ll share a little bit more about the story and an excerpt.

I’ve got another longer sci-fi story–probably novel-length–I’ve been developing, but I’ll start with this one and see how it goes!

So, in the mean time, who out there likes some m/m sexy sci-fi? If you do, what’s your favorite story or author?

Authors have feelings too — Breaking outside the romance box #reviews

depressed woman facial close upOriginally this story was published with Silver. A lot of you know the issues that publisher had, and the whole experience put me off writing any more. So when Dreamspinner wanted to republish this, I was thrilled, and did rework and expand the story.

So I was really excited to see the first review posted for Shifting Gears was 4.5 stars at MM Good Books. I couldn’t believe it. It’s wonderful when the reader gets why I did certain things in a story.

But that sense of well-being soon got shattered with a 2-star review that another review site posted. Yes, I’ll admit it hurt my feelings.

To be honest, I just don’t understand quite how two readers had such different experiences with my book. One reviewer loved the characters the other didn’t. One thought the writing was “wonderful” the other said it was “okay.”

Amazon readers seem to like it. Goodreads readers don’t. It makes my head spin!

I know it takes some getting used to what reviewers are going to say, and with just one book out, I don’t have a track record or group of avid followers. I hope it gets easier.

ShiftingGearsLGWithout spoiling anything, I tried something a little unconventional in this story and something I hadn’t seen elsewhere (in part regarding one MC’s relationship with another man before he starts up with the other MC). I can see it hasn’t gone over well, no matter how it was intended. I discussed this with my editor and betas and felt it worked here, but it hasn’t.

Quite honestly, I’m not sure if it was my writing or just that some readers don’t like things outside of the normal romance structure. Should I just stick to the safe stuff? The fun for me in writing is breaking outside the box in terms of sex an romance, yet still bringing the two main characters together in a satisfying and emotional romantic conclusion. But maybe trying something unconventional is not a good idea if I want to sell books and get new fans.

As readers, do you prefer that the romance and relationship follows the normal patterns?

What Makes a Great Series? (Poll and Contest)

poll2As an author with just one published work, and another in progress, I run the risk of boring visitors here with talk of the same book over and over. I certainly do not want to do that! But I would like to know what readers are looking for with a series. I know what I like to read, but I’m realizing my idea of a perfect story is far from what others want to read!

I’m getting mixed reviews for Shifting Gears. That’s fine. I’m learning my way to being a better writer. I didn’t tell the whole story of either character or put lots of information about the shifters. Those are ideas I am spending more time on the sequel. For me, a series with the same main characters reveals more information about them as the series goes on. I’m hoping readers like Gray and Kenton enough to want to read more about their separate pasts and about their shared future.

What makes a great series for you? Please take the poll and be entered to win a copy of Shifting Gears! You’ll need to leave your email address or FB contact in a comment, since the poll is not collecting any contact information. Thanks.

[multiple choice ok]

Extra credit:

I’ll keep the poll open but I’ll choose a winner for the book on Sunday, Feb 24.

Feel free to discuss further in comments. I love to hear your opinions and what you like/don’t like about popular book series. Thanks!

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